One Stinkin’ Morning

In my little corner of the world, yesterday was National Manure Spreading Day. It all began on my usual ride to school – a ride on back roads and byways. In my eight years of traveling those roads, I’ve seen my fair share of farm equipment, but never have I seen so many malodorous manure spreaders in one twenty-minute ride to school. The farmers’ buzz words of the day must have been “It’s time to spread the muck!”

The contents of the first manure spreader attacked my nose before I spied it spewing cow poop over a frosty field. Gag me! My next encounter came when another giant machine of awful smells pulled in front of my car. I impatiently followed, going fifteen miles an hour. As I waited for it to make a left turn, a commercial came on the radio advertising – of all things – manure spreaders! NEVER, NEVER have I heard that commercial before on my favorite radio station. As I continued on my way, another manure spreader passed me going in the opposite direction. Before I reached school, I drove around yet another spreader on the side of the road. I was stuck in a cow poop time warp!

It was not a good start to my morning. Four sightings! It was a stinkin’ ride to school!

But out of cow poop came the droppings of a good idea. I chose the perfect book for the Book-of-the-Day in the library. It’s not about a manure spreader, but it has some of the same properties as the spreader.

I Stink! by Kate and Jim McMullan

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