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The End

June 6, 2013

The end is here. It really isn’t the end because the end always leads back to the beginning.

Take the school year. It has ended. The school library is on hiatus for the summer. Pleasant memories passed through my mind as I wished each of my students a happily ever after vacation.

Preparing for the end of the school year takes time. I plan for the upcoming year, order supplies, inventory books, and weed out books that are tired and worn. When I’m finished with all my tasks, I turn out the lights, give a sigh of relief, and go off into the summer sunset with books in hand to read until the new year begins. So you see the end always leads to a beginning.

This experience reminds me of the picture book, The End, written by David La Rochelle and illustrated by Richard Egielski. It’s a cause and effect story – or if you’re doing it backwards maybe it an effect and cause story. Does that make any sense? Maybe not, but that is my school library story. It begins at the end of the year and ends at the beginning of the new school year and continues on a never-ending and beginning reel.


The End

Written by Cathy Ogren and not illustrated by Cathy Ogren

The children went off to enjoy the warm summer days, but wherever they went they carried their favorite book and read happily ever after.

They read happily ever after because …

The librarian stepped forward and gave the students books of humor, adventure, mystery, and fantasy because …

No matter what magic the teachers did, the children were bored because …

By the end of the year, the teachers were tired because …

Each morning the students dashed through the school doors with high energy and exhausted the teachers because …

Parents told their children to “Go forth and challenge your teacher, and your teacher will challenge you!” because …

Everyone knows the job of a teacher is to keep students motivated and stimulated, which is not always easy because …

Students learn in a variety of ways because …

Variety is the spice of life because …

The librarian knew what would spice up a child’s life, and she knew by the end of the school year, the teachers would need a well-deserved rest because …

Once upon a time a resourceful school librarian endeavored to teach her students to love reading and books.


To all the wonderful teachers in the world:  Enjoy your quiet moments and look forward to exciting years filled with new challenges!

Yad Drawkcab!

January 31, 2013

Translation:  Backward Day!

Today is Backward Day. Don’t get up. Say goodnight and stay in bed.

Okay. If you must get up, get up on the wrong side of the bed. Wear your clothes backwards. Walk backwards. Talk backwards. You’ve heard of breakfast for lunch. How about dinner for breakfast, starting with dessert? Now that’s a treat!

Backward is the way to go today. Have some fun. Tomorrow you can put your best foot forward.


A perfect book for Backward Day is The End written by David LaRochelle and illustrated by Richard Egielski. The story begins with “And they lived happily ever after.” Yes, it begins at the end and works its way back to the beginning. Cause and effect becomes effect and cause. Besides the usual fairy tale characters of princess, prince, giant, and dragon, this book includes bunny rabbits, a giant tomato, a teacup, lemons, and a blue flying pig that appears throughout the story. Whether you read it backwards or forwards, this clever story with its colorful illustrations is sure to entertain readers.

More Backward books:

Mirror Mirror A Book of Reversible Verse written by Marilyn Singer and illustrated by Josee Masse (Dutton Juvenile, 2010)

Tell Me the Day Backwards written by Albert Lamb and illustrated by David McPhail (Candlewick Press, 2011)

The Backward Day written by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Marc Simont (NYR Children’s Collection, 2007)    

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