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A Dino/Pirate Tale

December 15, 2016

If your kids are fascinated by dinosaurs and pirates, Pirasaurs! is a book you don’t want to miss.


Author, Josh Funk, crafts a fast-paced story in rhyme you’ll be sure to enjoy. Hilarity abounds in this dino/pirate tale. There’s a ship full of buccaneering beasts with a traitor among them. Captain Rex is a woman, Triceracook is the ship’s cook, and the little hero is adorable. Michael Slack’s colorful illustrations are filled with details and humor. There’s deck swabbing, swordplay, belching, burping, and mutiny! Buried in all the fun is a treasure that reveals compromise and sharing. Once you’ve finished reading Pirasaurs! you’ll be hooked. Aye, matey! Join the Pirasaurs crew for a delightful read.

Arrrgh! Mutiny on the Bookshelf

September 20, 2011

Shiver me timbers! Yesterday was “Talk Like a Pirate Day?” Aye, it were!  This was a day close to me heart, me hearties. Upon this day, I wanted to reveal my treasure to the reading world. It was the perfect day to launch my pirate parrot picture book. Alas, to me great despair, me book was given the heave ho before this could happen. The publisher decided to deep six it, toss it overboard, bury it in Davy Jones Locker. I was hornswaggled out of a book launch. It were a foul day for me.     

I’m no sissy pirate writer. Aye, I took it in stride. I had me some grog and thought mean things about those scurvy dogs. Then I had an arrrgh moment. I’m an Old Salt when it comes to the cutthroat competition of writing. Never give up! Keep your eye on the treasure.  

So gangway!  Thar She Blows! a pirate parrot tale is still ridin’ the waves waiting for some lucky editor to hoist it out of the Sea of Submissions. I’m hopin’ for fair winds!

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