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January 28, 2021

Winged Wonders:  Solving the Monarch Migration Mystery written by Meeg Pincus and illustrated by Yas Imamura. I love this book! The author takes readers on a journey of questions about the migration mystery of the monarch butterfly. They are questions that pique the curiosity of readers. Meeg Pincus begins with the question, Where do they go? Then comes a discovery about monarch migration. From there, comes another question. Who solved this age-old mystery? Each page turn asks another question, which provides the reader with added information about the monarchs and where they go. There is the Canadian scientist who tags the monarchs’ wings, his wife who spreads the word about tagging monarchs and who collects information from volunteer helpers. There are teachers, gardeners, and ordinary people who work to solve the mystery. Because of their team efforts, we now know the migration path of the monarch butterfly that goes from Canada, through the United States, and to the mountains of Mexico and back again each year. Yas Imamura’s colorful illustrations help bring this amazing story to life. Meeg Pincus leaves readers with words of caution, reminding us that we need to take action to save these delicate creatures. Find out what you can do!

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