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Learning Everything – Little Golden Books

January 8, 2015

A much-loved Christmas present was the book, Everything I Need to Know I learned From a Little Golden Book. It was written by Diane Muldrow. She’s the editorial director at Golden Books/Random House and an author of children’s books of all ages. She knows books.

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If you look carefully, the book resembles a classic Little Golden Book. It’s the same in appearance and size, but it is has more pages than the usual Little Golden Book. The inside cover has the familiar place to add your name as the owner of the book.


The next page is the copyright page with a cuter-than-cute illustration of the “poky little puppy.” Following the title page, is a lovely introductory letter written by Diane Muldrow. Then the fun begins. If you know Little Golden books, you’ll be delighted with what you see. Memorable pictures from classic Little Golden Books greet you with each page turn. At the bottom of the page is the title of the book, the names of the author and illustrator, and the year in which the book was published. The text consists of sage advice that accompanies each illustration and offers a refreshing outlook on life. Here are some of my favorites. “Use your imagination.” “Stay curious.” “Be a hugger.”

Like other Little Golden Books from my past, this book is one to be cherished. It was given to me by my daughter. Who knew she could choose a book with such wisdom in it? I’m the mother. I’m supposed to be imparting my wisdom to her!

Little Golden Books have brought many hours of enjoyment to my daughter and me. Hopefully, someday I’ll have a grandchild who will find these books just as appealing as we do.


Little Free Library – A Novel Idea

March 16, 2012

“A home without books is a body without soul.” ~Marcus Tullius Cicero

You’ve heard me say it before. I love books! When I find a book I like, I want to share it with others. That’s why the Little Free Library is such a creative idea. It was co-founded by Rick Brooks and Todd Bol of Wisconsin. Structures that look like big bird houses are placed in people’s yards or other community areas. Inside are books people have donated that anyone can take and read. If you take one, you are encouraged to place other books inside to share with readers. By doing this a variety of books are available at all times. This is such a novel idea. I’m totally impressed.

With all of the technology bombarding us today, it’s heartening to see little libraries sprouting up in unexpected places. I encourage everyone to get behind this movement. Build your own Little Free Library or order one. Share your books. Put reading, learning, and literacy at the fingertips of others.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” ~Stephen King

Support. Promote. Donate. Help the Little Free Library grow!

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