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What’s Going On In The Kitchen?

March 21, 2022

Last Thursday – St. Patrick’s Day – something odd happened.

I planned a light Irish dinner featuring Irish Soda Bread and Colcannon Soup.

I was all prepared, or so I thought. I had the dry ingredients in a bowl for the soda bread. All I had to do was to add the liquid ingredients. Faith and begorrah, the milk that was in the refrigerator earlier that morning had disappeared!

My husband offered to get more milk. While he was gone, I prepared the soup. I chopped the cabbage and peeled and chopped the potatoes. When I unbundled the leeks, another not-so-lucky surprise greeted me. One of the leeks was rotten. To compensate for the loss of a leek, I chopped a large onion that brought tears to my eyes.

I melted butter in a big pot and put in the vegetables to cook until slightly tender. I stepped into another room for no more than two minutes when my nose told me something was amiss. The veggies at the bottom of the pot were more than slightly tender. They were burning! I quickly dumped the top layer into another pot, picked out the charred ones, and put the burned pot into the sink.

When my husband returned with milk in hand, he asked, “What’s that I smell?”

My usually calm demeanor disappeared.

“Don’t ask!”

I finished the bread. I finished the soup.

My Irish eyes gazed at the kitchen mess. They were NOT smiling.

It suddenly dawned on me. The likes of those mischievous wee folk had paid me and my kitchen an unexpected St. Paddy’s Day visit!

The redeeming factor of my cooking calamity was my husband. He raved about my delicious dinner. But then again, he’s like Mikey – he’ll eat anything!  


Bag It This Thanksgiving!

November 28, 2013

I love Thanksgiving! It’s a time for family, friends, and tasty food. So let the good times roll.

But if you’re the one stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is gathered around the television watching football, the good times may not roll. So BAG IT! That’s right. It’s the perfect solution to take the stress out of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner and give you time to enjoy the good times with the rest of the crew.

Here is my new and improved menu for a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner.


Cheese cubes in a bag – open and serve with a variety of crackers from a bag in a box

Ready-to-eat shrimp in a bag – open and serve when defrosted

Popcorn in a bag – open and serve to those rowdy football fans


Turkey – Stuff with stuffing from a bag.

Directions:  Place turkey in a bag. Roast the bagged turkey in a disposable container until golden brown. No basting needed. The magic bag does it all.

Side Dishes

Gravy in a bag found in the cavity of the turkey

Mashed Potatoes in a bag

Fancy-cut green beans in a bag

Directions:  Open and heat


Pumpkin and oatmeal-craisin cookies in a bag

Directions:  Open and eat


Disposable plates, cups, napkins, and silverware all found in a bag

Adult Beverage

Wine in a bag found in a box.

Directions:  Pour yourself a glass or two and let the good times roll as you’re unbagging your Thanksgiving dinner!

I’m stuffed!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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