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Another Great Chapter Book from Kate DiCamillo

November 19, 2015

I recently picked up Kate DiCamillo’s chapter book, Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon, from our local library. It’s Volume Two in Tales from Deckawoo Drive. Familiar characters from the first book in the series, Leroy Ninker Saddles Up, can be found in the second book. Both books, illustrated by Chris Van Dusen, will appeal to young readers who are looking for something more than books in the I Can Read category.



In Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon, Francine comes from a long line of animal control officers. She has won trophies and holds records for the most animals controlled. Her father referred to her as the genuine article and solid like a refrigerator. Francine loves her job and does it well. Nothing frightens her. When Mrs. Bissinger calls for help to round up a ghostly-looking raccoon on her roof, Francine is on the job. But when the raccoon with its sharp teeth, high-pitched screaming, and odd looks charges at Francine, she panics. Fear seizes Francine, and she loses her perfect balance. A tumble from the roof lands Francine in the hospital with aches, pains, broken bones, and a severe case of fright. Francine loses her self-confidence and resigns from her animal control job. It’s not until a young boy, Frank, convinces Francine that she must face the raccoon to end her fears and go back to being the great animal control officer she really is. Frank cheers Francine on as she attempts to capture the wild raccoon. She remembers what her father said about being the genuine article and summons all of her courage to catch the raccoon. Success! Francine wins her struggle over panic and fear and finds a kindred spirit in Frank.

In this book, readers learn that adults have fears, too. What I particularly like is that Frank, the young boy, understands Francine’s problem and convinces her to do what she must do. This is a funny and heart-warming book that I recommend.

Chapter Book Series

September 18, 2014

My summer blog break is over. I’m back and look what I found while I was gone!

Here’s a chapter book series that will entertain both boys and girls who have who have gone beyond the I Can Read stage and are ready for something more. This book caught my eye as I was browsing through the shelves of my local library.

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The Day of the Night Crawlers is written by Troy Cummings and is part of his The Notebook of Doom Series. Alexander, the main character, has discovered a notebook that is filled with drawings and facts about monsters. He knows something strange is going on in the town of Stermont, and he and his new friend, Rip, are determined to find out what it is. They’ve already fought off the balloon goons to save Stermont. Now they are faced with a mass of night crawlers that appeared after a  night of showers. Could they be the megaworms Alexander found in the notebook? What does S.S.M.P. stand for on the front of the notebook? What happened to the gym teacher, Mr. Hoarsley? Readers will find the answers to these questions in this fast-paced adventure filled with quirky illustrations that will keep them turning the pages. If you like monsterly action, this series is for you!

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