The Aftermath of a Holiday Weekend

This past weekend we welcomed my daughter’s family to celebrate the last holiday of summer.

There were eight humans and one dog in our home. We spent much of the weekend talking over noisy youngsters and cautiously walking to avoid stepping on a child, toy, or dog. In between times, we ate. We played cornhole. We watched a movie with the kids. We read picture books. We played tea party. We ran around outside. And we ate some more. We enjoyed the first Wisconsin Badger game together with our newest Badger fan. And we wished his sisters well as they anticipated the first day of school. After we said our goodbyes, there was the cleanup – laundry, putting toys away, putting the furniture back in place, and exhaustion.

This brings me to my blog today. Having a Monday holiday and weekend guests totally threw me off my schedule. This morning, I suddenly realized it was my posting day. My brain is still trying to catch up with the days of the week. So, this is it, my friends. Now it’s time to look at my calendar to see what else I’ve missed.

Until next Thursday, enjoy every day to its fullest!  

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2 Comments on “The Aftermath of a Holiday Weekend”

  1. oliverrani Says:

    Good article! have a great thursday!

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  2. evie robillard Says:

    We’re just glad you had fun!!! Happy Birthdays to us!

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