Some of My Favorite PB Books for August

August has been a busy month for me with birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate.

But now I’d like to celebrate some of the picture books I enjoyed during the month of August.

Capybara is Friends with Everyone written and illustrated by Maddie Frost, HarperCollins, 2022

Capybara has friends – lots of friends. He goes above and beyond to be a friend. Anything a friend wants he will do. Then Capybara meets Sloth. He tries everything to please Sloth, but he gets no reaction. Capybara finally begs Sloth to be his friend. Still nothing. Exhausted, Capybara falls asleep. When he wakes, Sloth is there to play a friend song on his kazoo. And Capybara adds one more friend to his list. The last few pages of the book are filled with suggestions on how to be a good friend. Something that is important for all of us to keep in mind.

The Piano written by Chari Smith and illustrated by Elle Smith, Black Rose Writing, 2022.

This is a sweet story of a bond between a young girl, Katie, learning to play the upright piano that has been moved into her house. The moment the girl presses middle C the piano knows it’s home. As the years pass, the love and admiration felt between the piano and the girl grows, and those feelings are eventually passed on to others. If you’re a piano lover, you’ll enjoy this.

Sylvie written by Jean Reidy and illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins, Antheneum Books for Young Readers, 2022

Sylvie is a spider. She keeps herself well hidden because “not everyone appreciates a spider who calls attention to herself.” While Sylvie keeps herself out of sight, she keeps a close eye on “her people” – the painter, the proper lady, the mindful man, and the brave little girl with the brave little tortoise. Day and night, Sylvie makes sure that her people and things are just so until the day things don’t seem that way. Sylvie makes a huge decision. That is the day she must call attention to herself. The painter, the lady, the man, and the little girl with the tortoise follow her to the top of the apartment building where Sylvie has a plan to make everyone just right. What is that plan? Read this delightful book to find out.

The BIG Scream written by Kirsti Call and illustrated by Denis Angelov, Little Simon, 2022

This is board book is a scream! It’s a perfect teaching tool for little ones who are prone to tantrums and how to calm themselves when in that situation. My thoughts: Perfect rhyme. Fast pace. Lots of fun. Good results.

Norton and the Bear written and illustrated by Gabriel Evans, Berbay Publishing, 2022

Norton dresses in a way that makes him feel unique. But when Bear begins to copy his style, Norton is upset. No matter what Norton does Bear copies him until…” Stop copying me!” cries Norton. Bear leaves Norton, saying he will find his own style which leaves Norton feeling bad he was unkind. Bear returns wearing a stylish cape. Norton likes what he sees and is surprised when Bear presents him with a similar cape. A lighthearted book about understanding that copying someone can be a compliment, and you can look identical on the outside but be uniquely different on the inside.

Monsters in the Briny written by Lynn Becker and illustrated by Scott Brundage, Sleeping Bear Press, 2022

This rollicking rhyming book is an amusing seafaring tale that goes along with the sea shanty tune, “What Do You Do With a…Sailor.” Colorful illustrations fill the pages, and the back matter features information about interesting and unusual sea creatures.

Go ahead. Read one of these books. Read them all. Share and enjoy!

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2 Comments on “Some of My Favorite PB Books for August”

  1. evie robillard Says:

    Cathy, what a delightful gathering of titles! Thank you so much! evie

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