Thoughts about Editing and Proofreading Your Writing

I find one of the hardest parts of writing is editing and proofreading my work. Making sure content, structure, clarity, spelling, punctuation, and verb tense are all correct can be daunting. There are times I’ve read my work over and over, and I still miss quirky mistakes I’ve made.

Some of my misses have been simple ones like your and you’re, their and they’re, and it and it’s. And sometimes I put a period where I know it should be a question mark. This happens when I type too quickly, and the incorrect word or punctuation sneak in without me noticing.

Editing and proofreading tips I’ve gotten from others:

Let it sit for a while.

Read it backward.

Read it out loud.

Advice to myself is to take my time when going over my work and make sure all corrections are made before sending it. If you happen to find a mistake in this post – so be it!

Do you have any editing tips or mistakes you have made?

If you’re looking for more tips, here are Twenty-five Editing Tips for you.

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3 Comments on “Thoughts about Editing and Proofreading Your Writing”

  1. LA Says:

    I am great at editing my daughters work. I am lousy at editing my own

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  2. Marybeth Says:

    My love , if there were a mistake , I would not point it out as I enjoy your missives and don’t nit-pik 😍😍😍

    Sent from my iPhone


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  3. evie robillard Says:

    Yes–read it out loud!

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