Family Life With COVID-19

I’ve added many new words and phrases to my vocabulary in the last few months.

COVID-19, Coronavirus, Flattening the Curve, Community Spread, Stay-At-Home Advisory, Safer at Home, Social Distancing, the New Normal…

These are not words or phrases I choose to make a part of my everyday conversation. I’m tired of hearing them.


My husband and I follow the rules and do what we need do to keep healthy — Clorox® Wipes and masks are new items in our household. I’d love to have color-coordinated masks like Nancy Pelosi wears, but my COVID outfit is old blue jeans. I guess my masks would always have some hue of blue. Never mind.

The whole pandemic is so overwhelming and exhausting! After three months of being cooped up with each other, away from our family, friends, and people in general, my husband and I decided it was time to see our daughter, son-in-law, and three little granddaughters. We loaded up my van with Easter gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, a Father’s Day wheelbarrow, gardening tools and equipment, plants, and, yes — toilet paper.


Off we went, making sure we drove safely, kept our vehicle distance, and stayed away from the crazies on the road. I texted my daughter to tell her we were almost there. As we drove up the driveway, this is what we saw.


Our sweet family was in the front yard waving to us. A beautiful sight to behold! We kept our social distance, blew kisses from behind our masks and gave everyone long-distance hugs. We unpacked the van and then were ushered into the living room which was gated off from the family room. Besides the gifts we had, I also brought some books to read to the girls who were eager to hear them.


Notice the Clorox® wipes and mask next to me and the two four-year-olds in front of me. The two-year-old wanted to cross the boundary line and come and sit with me. When I told her she couldn’t, she put on her oh-so-cute Shirley Temple pout and disappeared.

We had conversations, snacks, and exchanged long overdue gifts — goodies for the girls and a book of Family Holiday Traditons I have been working on for my daughter — plus that wheelbarrow for Father’s Day.

 Specially made gifts for us…


A masterpiece for our refrigerator.


A teacup fairy garden made by my daughter and all the girls, using natural materials found in their yard.

When it was time to go, we once again blew kisses from behind our masks and gave everyone long-distance hugs. We got into our empty van. A couple of tears slipped down my cheeks as we headed home. Okay, it was more than a couple of tears. Where are the tissues when you need them? If this is the new normal, I don’t like it one bit!

I look forward to better days when we can breathe in fresh air without masks strapped across our faces. More importantly, I want to be able to reach out and touch someone without being afraid of contracting or passing along a deadly virus. I want to freely hug, kiss, and cuddle my loved ones once again!













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4 Comments on “Family Life With COVID-19”

  1. MaryBeth Lidington Says:

    All so true, Cathy ,
    I’m tired of it all … truly!
    But…. I’m a rule breaker in a state where the restrictions were few and not draconian. I said good-bye to my ‘winter’ friends with real hugs and my neighbors and I ‘cocktail hour’ several times a week. My hair is done …. nails are done …. we’ve gone out fir dinner and will be at one of our fave restaurants for our anniversary on Sat.
    Listening to my radio —/ old guy on my great music station… said no ‘social’ distancing as that implies loneliness, social isolation.. all of which leads to depression ..which leads to suppressed immune system … which leads to increased likelihood of sickness. So he calls it ‘physical ‘ distancing . My attitude is : I’ve lived 70 years .. I use my brain… and if I get it … then I’ll fight like hell with what they’ve got out there. The media has induced a fear pandemic and they’re thrilled . Now the CDC says oops … virus doesn’t live on ‘stuff’ and another study says masks ???? Maybe don’t work … give me a break …. life is for the living …
    MA Guv is being a autocratic fool ….
    so happy to be out of there…
    rant over :-))))))
    So happy you got to see your babies and o hope you can hug them soon.
    We won’t be back for a bit as I’m sure my kids wouldn’t let us within a mile if grands … oh well.
    Love to you and Tom,
    Plant your gardens !!!
    Sent from my iPhone

    Liked by 1 person

  2. evie robillard Says:

    So very true . . . you almost made me cry. stay safe!!! xxxevie

    Liked by 1 person

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