Are You an Odd Dog Out?


odd dog

Have you ever felt like you don’t quite fit in? No worries. Written and illustrated by award-winning Rob Biddulph, Odd Dog Out is a character you want to get to know. Odd Dog dances to a “different beat.” Although she tries her best, she just doesn’t fit in. With a sigh, Odd Dog goes in search of a place where she’ll be like everyone else. She travels far and wide until she finds others just like her. She settles in and is happy until she notices someone “whistling a different tune.” Odd Dog confronts him, telling him how sorry she feels that he’s an outsider. His response is, “I love to stand out from the crowd!” Odd Dog comes to the realization that it’s okay to be yourself and returns home where she is welcomed back by those who missed her. Biddulph’s story is written in delightful rhyming text with vivid illustrations that include lots of dachshunds that readers will adore. The book promotes a positive self-image and encourages readers to have the strength to stand up and “Be who you are.”

If you’re still looking for that special holiday gift for a child, don’t wait a minute longer. Run to your nearest bookstore and pick up Rob Biddulph‘s fabulous book. It’s a perfect gift for readers young and old who dare to dance to a different beat!

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One Comment on “Are You an Odd Dog Out?”

  1. everobillard Says:

    Can’t wait to see this one!


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