Dream the Impossible

I love the theater – especially musical theater. On Sunday, I watched the Tony Awards. I look forward to seeing what’s new in the theater and which stars are on the rise.

I grew up listening to all types of musical genres, but the stage and screen musicals were the ones I enjoyed the most. I listened to those albums over and over. I memorized the lyrics and sang my heart out. I choreographed my own dances. My secret dream was to be a Broadway star. When I was in eighth grade, I tried out for the lead in our school musical. I was told I had a sweet little voice and was given a small non-singing part. It was a nice way of saying, “Honey, you can’t sing.” Who knew? I sure didn’t! I loved musicals so much it was never an issue for me to be a background cast member where my voice was masked by the better singers.

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One of my favorite songs is “The Impossible Dream” from “Man of La Mancha.” When I first heard the lyrics, it was during those tough adolescent years. It became my theme song. It’s about doing the right thing even though others may disagree with you. It’s about having goals and overcoming obstacles to achieve your dreams. Musicals  have always been an important part of my life. Whenever possible, you can find me at the theater or enjoying a screen version of a musical. The musical “Hamilton” is on my must-see list.

I’m never going to be a Broadway star, but I still dance and sing to my favorites. I’m at the stage in my life where I don’t care who sees or hears me. I also have my secret dreams. Some of them may seem unattainable, but I charge on because I know I will eventually “reach the unreachable star.”

Dream your impossible dream!



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2 Comments on “Dream the Impossible”

  1. I love the theatre too, but I love musicals the most. The songs, dance, and spectacle add something unique to a musical. It is so much easier to find an emotional connection in a musical compared to a regular play. The capability of the emotions is crazy and they seem to get more complex as the years go on. Excitement, joy, love, sad, and heartbreak are five core emotions and are all worth feeling

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