“Bear” With Me!

Saturday is International Polar Bear Day. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the plight of polar bears. Gather your family, your students, your friends and take a look at these spectacular pictures of polar bears here. If you want to know what you can do to help polar bears and try out some fun activities, take a look here. And don’t forget to check here for some facts about polar bears that you may not know.

Who can resist a polar bear? They’re majestic!

Check out these great picture books!

 Polar Bears by Mark Newman

Polar Bears by Gail Gibbons

 Where Do Polar Bears Live? written by Sarah L. Thomson and illustrated by Jason Chin

 A Pair of Polar Bears written by Joanne Ryder and photographed by the San Diego Zoo

 A Polar Bear Journey written by Debbie S. Miller and illustrated and photographed by Jon Van Zyle


 The Polar Bear Son: An Inuit Tale retold and illustrated by Lydia Dabcovich

 The Little Polar Bear written and illustrated by Hans de Beer



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One Comment on ““Bear” With Me!”

  1. This is a timely and important post–thanks for the resources.


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