Time for Napping

Audrey and Don Wood‘s cumulative classic tale, The Napping House, was originally published in 1984. It has been a hit with young readers ever since then. If you love that book as much as I do, you won’t be disappointed with their new follow-up endeavor, The Full Moon at the Napping House. 

In the original tale, everyone is peacefully sleeping until an itty-bitty critter causes a commotion in the napping house. In the follow-up book, the same characters appear, but they’re not sleeping. They’re restless. No napping for them until another little critter comes along and chirps a full-moon song to calm the household.

These delightful stories are a perfect pair. Both books are filled with amusing illustrations and beg to be read again and again. They also offer opportunities for readers to look for likenesses and differences between the stories. It just goes to show you that napping can be lots of fun!

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2 Comments on “Time for Napping”

  1. Wonderful! I’m going to have to check out their new book, looks great!

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