What’s the Scoop?

Ice cream is the scoop!

ice cre

What better way to spend a beautiful fall day in Vermont than at Ben & Jerry’s Factory! A big round of YUM from everyone!

photo 4 (22)

photo 3 (57)

Enter into the ice cream parlor.

photo 3 (59)

Ben & Jerry’s is a place that can stir excitement in the hearts, souls, and mouths of the very young to the very old. If you’re an ice cream aficionado, then this is the place to be. From the beginning, Ben and Jerry had it right when it came to their ice cream business – quality ingredients and a work ethic that led to success.

ice crea

In the beginning, there was a renovated gas station…

The tour begins with an entertaining and educational video that’s the perfect length. It touches on the highlights of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream career and demonstrates how they thought outside the ice cream box when they established their business.

Takin’ it to the road…

ice cr

An ice cream road trip!

The next part of the tour took us into the inner workings of the ice cream factory. Shhh, it’s a secret! From there we went to the tasting room. The ice cream of the day was chocolate chip, caramel swirl! Yummy! It really didn’t matter what flavor it was because you can’t go wrong with any flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. There’s a great story behind this successful business. If you ever have a chance to tour the factory, take advantage of it. It’s a tasty treat!

If you and your family like ice cream, you might want to check out these books.

Ben and Jerry:  Ice Cream Manufacturers (Food Dudes) by Joanne Mattern

Milk to Ice Cream by Lisa M.Herrington

Ice Cream:  The Full Scoop by Gail Gibbons

The Scoop on Ice Cream by Bonnie Williams

Ice Cream by Elisha Cooper

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