The Silver Bullet

On April 20th, my van carried us to Boston to see the Boston Marathon. On that same April day, my van was parked by a valet in a parking garage. On April 21st, my van was returned to me looking like this!


We were told there was a slight accident in the parking garage. Slight accident???

In April, we filled out papers and had the damage appraised. In May, we waited to hear from the insurance company. In June, the answer came. My car was totaled. We were compensated, and my van went away.

After many years of having two cars, we were suddenly a one-car family. That can get tricky at times. While sharing our one usable vehicle, I received lots of suggestions as to what I should get for my next car.

Sports car, hybrid, SUV, blah, blah, blah.

I politely listened, but I already knew what I wanted – another van. That word elicited a reaction like none other. You would have thought I’d shouted out a forbidden swear word in front of a group of innocent children.

Comments like:  Are you crazy? You don’t need another van. You’re in a rut. Maybe it’s time for a family intervention.

All this pooh-poohing because I want another van? Hey, it’s my car. I’m driving it, and you’re not! I’ve had a van since my daughter was in preschool. I have loved each and every van I’ve owned. Boring? Yes. But I like driving them. They’re great for carpooling. They offer lots of room for stretching out, moving furniture, lawnmowers, plants and trees for landscaping, lumber, pets, and I can see all around me. And now that we have two beautiful granddaughters, the van will be perfect for them as they grow.

On September 10th, I bought a new van. It’s safely parked in my garage.

photo 2

Keep an eye out for me in the Silver Bullet!

Here are two great picture books that celebrate vans. Check these out.

Product Details

This Old Van written by Kim Norman and illustrated by Carolyn Digby Conahan

This Is the Van That Dad Cleaned written and illustrated by Lisa Campbell Ernst

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One Comment on “The Silver Bullet”

  1. Cathy, thanks for the smile. And the “booklist.”

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