Caught Off Guard

Oh, my goodness! It’s Thursday. I’ve lost track of time. I’m shoulder deep in moving boxes, trying to figure out where to put things in our new house. It’s an overwhelming task.

Look at this basement.

photo 2 (75)

photo 1 (83)

Not only are there things down there I don’t know what to do with, but there are dozens of mystery boxes. I need time. I need help. I need a gigantic dumpster!

I hope by next week I’ll be more organized. This is all you get today.

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3 Comments on “Caught Off Guard”

  1. P Says:

    I’d love to help…….if you weren’t so far away. I’m sure we’d uncover some old memories.

  2. Mb Says:

    I love love love doing that……I’ll be back soon. Just hold on.

  3. Recommended reading: CLUTTER BUSTING by Brooks Palmer.

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