Readers of this blog may or may not know that we’ve been trying to sell our house so we can move closer to family. The process has been long and arduous.

Reasons why our house was stuck in seller’s limbo:

Glut of houses on the market

Length of driveway

Yard too big

No direct access to the front door from the street except by the driveway (huh?)




Too formal

Not enough privacy

Rock walls


Too clean

Shared driveway

Not a fan of the dining room columns

Despite all the negative comments, St. Joseph, known to help sell houses, finally came through for us. He sent us a charming couple who loved everything about our house. After ten months on the market, we received a cash offer too good to refuse. We’re leaving our house in good hands.

The house is empty so it’s no longer too formal. My husband and I hugged the columns we loved, admired the finishes in the house, marveled at the stately rock walls in our large yard, and closed the door to our sparkly clean house. As we rolled down the long, shared driveway for the last time, we waved goodbye to our close neighbors. We’re on our way to our new destination in the Live Free or Die state. It’s time to celebrate!


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6 Comments on “Sold!”

  1. P Says:

    May safe travel and many celebrations come your way, dear friend.

  2. Sandy Brehl Says:

    Congratulations! Best travels and happiness in your new lives, and enjoy the ready access to your loving family.

  3. Too clean? Hey, you can’t have that!

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