We all make many choices in our lives. Some are good and some are bad. Whatever the case may be, we must deal with the outcome.

My husband and I made the choice to move closer to our daughter and her husband. We haven’t accomplished that yet because we’re still in the long, arduous process of trying to sell our home.

After a lovely weekend visit with our daughter and husband, my husband drove them to O’Hare airport – a six-hour, round-trip drive.

I chose to stay home and clean our house in order to dazzle potential buyers coming to the Sunday Open House.

My husband chose to use my car because it had more room.

I chose to go to early morning church to pray to anyone who would listen to me to deliver an offer on our house. (Yes, St. Joseph, I’m talking about you.)

I chose the extra key to my husband’s car – a car I never drive.

I chose to wear comfy flats instead of heels because I didn’t feel like dressing up.

I chose to leave my phone in the locked car so I had no distractions in church.

I humbly said my prayers, asking for a buyer to appear at our doorstep. Then I headed to car. I clicked the unlock button on the key. Nothing. I clicked the lock button. Nothing. I went click crazy. Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! Cars emptied out of the parking lot as I stalked around the car, looking for a way inside. Soon it was me, the car, and the funny looking key which didn’t fit into the lock.

I chose to swear right in front of church. (Good thing I was alone!)

I chose to walk a mile and a half home to get the other set of keys. I had no other choice!

I chose to ask my wonderful neighbor to drive me back. He did.

When my husband heard of my dilemma, he told me there was a key inside the key to open the door. Who knew? Not me! I never drive his car. He said I should have called him. Impossible! The phone was locked in the car.

I made some good choices and some bad choices. From now on my choices are:

Always choose to wear comfy shoes.

Always choose my car.

Always choose to carry my phone with me.

Who knew the right key and a phone would have made for a stress-free morning?

House still not sold!

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2 Comments on “Choices”

  1. everobillard Says:

    Cathy–I was expecting a completely synchronistic outcome. That you bumped into someone at church who needed a house NOW! But your choice of shoes was a wise one! Take care! evie

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