Miss Spelling

In my past two blog posts, I was made aware that I had two misspelled words. Mistakes! Arrgh! Embarrassing!

In one post, the word, trees, was spelled t-r-e-s-s. Spell check recognized tress as a word – just not the correct word. In another post, the word, drama, was spelled d-r-a-m. Dram is also a word. (Maybe I need to add a wee dram to my coffee to wake me up in the morning!)

Let it be known, I meticulously review each post before I publish it. I read and reread it, I spell check it. I reread it again, but there are times when things pass under the radar of my abilities to post a mistake-free blog.

Therefore, I’ve decided I need another pair of eyes to see what I don’t see. My husband has graciously agreed to read my blog posts before I publish them. This is a miracle in itself because he has not shown a great amount of interest in my writing. Now he will realize what a creative person I am! Stay tuned in to this blog to see how things go.

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One Comment on “Miss Spelling”

  1. I didn’t notice the errors. And perhaps when you typed “tress,” you were thinking of the poem by Joyce Kilmer . . . One line contains the line “a nest of robins in her hair.” And you were thinking unconsciously of “tresses.” (Or not. ) 🙂


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