We Are Family

This past weekend there was little time for reading or writing. My niece and her fiancé got married. When my brother, sisters, life-long friends, and extended family come together to celebrate a wedding, we cheer! It’s not often we are all in the same place at the same time, but a wedding celebration seems to pull us together. “We Are Family” is the perfect song for those of us whose families are spread across the United States.

What added to the ambiance of the wedding weekend was the fact that it was in Florida. After surviving a long Wisconsin winter, I was ecstatic to celebrate love in a warm, inviting place. To bask in the sunshine and dip my toes into a pool of water that was not frozen was a delight.

The Beach

The Beach

There were a few hiccups along the way to our destination. Our on-time flight was not. After being delayed for two hours, we boarded only to find out that the truck fueling the airplane didn’t have enough fuel. When that was taken care of, the Captain announced there was a mechanical problem that would easily be fixed. It was not. We deplaned, were directed to a new gate, and boarded another plane. We arrived at our destination the same time a fierce thunderstorm arrived. We headed our rental car to the beach where we were supposed to meet family for a “hey-it’s-great-to-see- you” dinner. We were late. We needed food. We needed drink. The torrential rain made driving slow and hazardous, and taking a wrong turn didn’t make for pleasant car conversation. When we finally did arrive, everyone had finished eating. My very efficient sister had ordered a meal for us that was ready just as we sat down. Good company turned an exhausting day into an enjoyable evening.

We had exceptional weather the rest of the weekend. There were a few other mishaps, but despite everything, the wedding day was perfect. The happiness radiating from the bride and groom was unmistakable. With family, friends, good food, great music, and dancing, I realize life is good!

“We Are Family”– let it play again and again.



Epping Forest Yacht Club

Epping Forest Yacht Club

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

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