Jiving with Jazz and Poetry

International Jazz Day is April thirtieth. It’s also the last day of National Poetry Month. Why not celebrate a jazz-jiving poetry day! Start those fingers and toes tapping with Jazz written by Walter Dean Myers and illustrated by Christopher Myers and Jazz A●B●Z written by Wynton Marsalis and illustrated by Paul Rogers. Both of these books pay tribute to jazz and jazz greats.


Feel the rhythm and the beat as you read Walter Dean Myers′ poems that explore the different types of jazz. Colorful illustrations by Christopher Myers pull you into the story poems with each page turn. Included in this book is an introduction by Walter Dean Myers, a glossary of jazz terms, and a jazz time line. All of these provide a better understanding of the history of jazz and its components.


If you want to know about jazz greats, Jazz A●B●Z is the book for you. Wynton Marsalis, a gifted musician, offers a peek into the lives of twenty-six talented performers from the jazz scene. Marsalis uses a variety of poetic forms to skillfully impart facts about the musicians. Paul Rogers’ illustrations, which bring to mind vintage album covers, cleverly include the artist and items related to that artist. Also provided in the back of the book are biographical sketches of each of the twenty-six musicians and an explanation of the poetic forms used in the book. Words and illustrations meld together to make a fascinating book filled with information.

If you’re a music and poetry connoisseur, celebrate International Jazz Day and National Poetry Month with these two books.


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