That One Inch

Our house vomits Christmas! It’s in-your-face. There are snowflakes,


candles, garland, bows,

photo 1 (2)


photo 2 (2)

a Christmas village,

photo 2 (1)

snowmen, lights,

photo 1


photo 2


photo (4)

and more trees.

photo 1 (3)

I seriously considered cutting back on the decorations this year. Then we found out the “newlyweds” will be home for Christmas, and they’re looking forward to the whole shebang!

In order to get the just-right Christmas look, things need to be put away before the Christmas elves can begin. Storage proves to be a challenge, and retrieving everything after Christmas proves to be an even bigger challenge! (Now where did I put that?) Things go down the stairs to the basement. Other things come up the stairs. Up and down, up and down. It’s a Christmas workout!

For about a week, our house is in upheaval as we slowly decorate. The clutter makes me a crazy woman, but I mostly manage to keep it together because I know when we’re finished we’ll revel in a job well done.

There is just one thing that pushes us over the edge. It’s the final placement of the big Christmas tree. In my world, it has to be perfectly placed. My husband calls it “that one inch.” It’s true. No matter where the tree ends up, it seems that it needs to be adjusted – just a bit. As my husband and I survey what we have accomplished, he is ready to declare it finished and relax. When I suggest he get back down on the floor and pull the tree a little bit to the right, or maybe a little to the left, or maybe a little bit forward or backward – that’s when he loses it. You’d think after all these years he’d be used to my quirks. I guess that’s what keeps this marriage going. It’s that one inch! And that one inch makes for a perfect tree!


Here’s a great book about a Christmas tree that would be very difficult to move “that one inch.” The Carpenter’s Gift:  A Christmas Tale About The Rockefeller Center Tree written by  David Rubel and illustrated by Jim LaMarche, Random House, 2011.

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