Bag It This Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving! It’s a time for family, friends, and tasty food. So let the good times roll.

But if you’re the one stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is gathered around the television watching football, the good times may not roll. So BAG IT! That’s right. It’s the perfect solution to take the stress out of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner and give you time to enjoy the good times with the rest of the crew.

Here is my new and improved menu for a stress-free Thanksgiving dinner.


Cheese cubes in a bag – open and serve with a variety of crackers from a bag in a box

Ready-to-eat shrimp in a bag – open and serve when defrosted

Popcorn in a bag – open and serve to those rowdy football fans


Turkey – Stuff with stuffing from a bag.

Directions:  Place turkey in a bag. Roast the bagged turkey in a disposable container until golden brown. No basting needed. The magic bag does it all.

Side Dishes

Gravy in a bag found in the cavity of the turkey

Mashed Potatoes in a bag

Fancy-cut green beans in a bag

Directions:  Open and heat


Pumpkin and oatmeal-craisin cookies in a bag

Directions:  Open and eat


Disposable plates, cups, napkins, and silverware all found in a bag

Adult Beverage

Wine in a bag found in a box.

Directions:  Pour yourself a glass or two and let the good times roll as you’re unbagging your Thanksgiving dinner!

I’m stuffed!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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