If the Shoe Fits … It Must Have Backs

A new proclamation was handed down from the Kingdom of School. ALL SHOES MUST HAVE BACKS. That is the new policy for everyday wear at school.

PROBLEM. I have only one pair of comfortable shoes that have backs.

SOLUTION. Time to shop.

When I was in college, I wore no less than two inch heels and walked all over campus in them. Easy peasy. I had one pair of shoes my college roommate referred to as witch shoes – shoes that looked like the ones worn by the Wicked Witch of the West. They were so comfortable I flew to my classes — no broom needed. During that era of my life, heels were my shoes of choice. No flats for me.

Fast forward to the present. I still wear heels, but they are much closer to the ground than in my younger years. On my shopping spree, I wandered around the shoe store, looking for some comfortable shoes with backs. I found lots of killer shoes – shoes that you could die in if you accidently tripped …

photo (8)


photo (6)


photo (3)


photo (9)


photo (10)


photo (1)

Witch Shoes!

Of all the shoes I tried on, no shoes were appropriate for my school feet. What was missing? COMFORT! Men must design women’s shoes. They are gorgeous and fun, but OUCH! The last time I wore swanky, higher-than-normal heels was at my daughter’s wedding. There’s an old saying that goes, “My dogs are barking.” Well, that day my dogs weren’t barking; they were howling! Thank goodness I brought along fancy-dancy silver flip-flops to ease my aching feet. I noticed other women were barefoot or changed into more comfortable shoes as the wedding celebration continued – my daughter included. What I didn’t see were men doing the same thing. Why not? Look at men’s shoes. Black, brown, cordovan. Lace-up or loafers. Good sturdy flat-on-the-ground shoes. No reason for their feet to be screaming for mercy!

photo (5)


Oh, what we women do to for that smashing, sophisticated look!

I’m still on the prowl for good-looking comfortable shoes — with backs. Maybe I’ll just duct tape a back onto my backless shoes. Now that’s classy!

Try these books on for size!.

Shoe-la-la! written by Karen Beaumont and illustrated by LeUyen Phama picture book (Scholastic Press, 2011)

Women from the Ankle Down:  The Story of Shoes and How They Define Us written by Rachelle Bergstein (Harper, 2012)

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