WIP – Wedding In Progress

Besides reading and writing and blogging and tweeting about children’s books, I do have another life. This summer my other life has been consumed with preparations for our daughter’s wedding, which is rapidly approaching. She’s on the east coast. We’re in the middle. Distance makes for challenges, but my husband and I are no slouches. We’re in it until the last guest leaves the reception and the last check is signed.

So far I’ve learned these things about wedding planning:

Keep smiling.

No matter how old they get, your children still do not listen to you.

Money is no object from your child’s point of view.

It’s much easier to plan a wedding when you are both in the same geographical area.

Frequent and calm communication helps to clarify issues at hand.

When a request is made, don’t ask questions, just do it. It makes life easier.

Our latest assignment from east coast was to find specific pictures for a book the future bride and groom are going to create for guests to sign. These pictures were needed ASAP. What else is new?

The Requester

The Requester

So the obedient mother and father trudged down to the basement and pulled a million photo albums off the shelves and hauled them upstairs to the comfort of the living room. Divide and conquer was the motto. “The list” of required photos was at our fingertips. From birth pictures to present times, my husband and I flipped through the albums in record time. It was like looking at time-lapse photography of seeds growing to maturity. Our daughter was a beautiful flower. We were withering weeds! By the time we got through all the albums and found the designated pictures, we were spent.

We looked at the mess we had created. We agreed it was time to weed and condense albums – tomorrow. Tomorrow came and went.  The road to the basement is paved with good intentions! And those good intention albums ended up right back on the shelves. Out of sight, out of mind.

The important thing is that we completed the task at hand, and we still hold our daughter and her fiancé dear to our hearts.

What’s next on our to-do list? I’ll be sure to let you know.

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