Math Curse

Gas prices are skyrocketing. Food prices are creeping up. The economic outlook remains questionable. In this time of uncertainty, what should we do?

My advice is simple. Check your receipts. Every penny counts!

Case in point:  My husband and I ventured out to the grocery store after finding our cupboards were bare. We picked up the staples of life – milk, bread, fruit, and vegetables. I thought we did a pretty good job following our grocery list, but when I saw our total bill, I choked. We needed a grocery reality check.

On the way to the car, I went through the grocery receipt line-by-line. And there it was. Right before my eyes was the total for the four avocados we had purchased – $24.50. Math curses! I bought the avocados because they were two for a dollar. Something was amiss. On closer inspection, I discovered we were not charged for four avocados. We were charged for forty-nine avocados! Holy guacamole! That’s enough green stuff to last from now until St. Patrick’s Day! An immediate trip back to the service desk brought our grocery bill down to a more reasonable total.

Word to the wise. Check your math. Check your receipts. Check your bills. Check your checks. Check. Check. Check.

Don’t let math be a curse. Below are some books you and your kids can count on!

Kids + Parents + Math Books = 3x the fun!


Math Curse written by Jon Scieszka and illustrated by Lane Smith

The Grapes of Math written by Gregory Tang and illustrated by Harry Briggs

Math Potatoes written by Gregory Tang and illustrated by Harry Briggs

How Much Is A Million? written by David M. Schwartz and illustrated by Steven Kellogg

Edgar Allan Poe’s Pie written by J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated by Michael Slack

Math-terpieces written by Greg Tang and illustrated by Greg Paprocki

Apple Fractions written Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by Rob Bolster

Addition in the Forest written by Jennifer Rozines Roy and Gregory Roy

Ten Apples Up On Top! written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss


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