Putting Christmas Away

I’ve been known to over decorate when it comes to Christmas, but I can’t help it. I love Christmas and all its trimmings. I enjoy the sparkle and lights through the month of December, but there comes a time to put Christmas away. The time is NOW!

I’m up to my knees in ornaments, little trees, medium trees, full-sized trees, snowmen, santas, candles, wreathes, garland, and lights. Everywhere I look there is Christmas clutter. After years of putting up and taking down Christmas, I still haven’t figured out how to do it in an organized way.

Our trees are filled with ornaments we’ve picked up or have been given over the course of our lifetime. Each one has a special meaning. This year we received another ornament that will add to our Christmas memories.

My daughter’s boyfriend gave us a Chilean doll ornament. His mother is from Chile, and one of their family traditions is to decorate the Christmas tree with little dolls they’ve collected.


His gift reminded me of two other little dolls we have on one of our trees. We inherited them from my husband’s Swedish family.


These are the ornaments that make a tree special. Family history and recollections of Christmases past are right at hand each time an ornament is placed on the tree or taken down.

I may over decorate, but for a few weeks our house sparkles and warm memories surround us!

The time has come to put Christmas away. It’s a bit overwhelming and sad, but after it’s all done, there’s a feeling of satisfaction. I’m happy to call my uncluttered house my own once again, but I look forward to next Thanksgiving when the process begins all over.

Happy New Year, everyone! May this be a rewarding year for all of us.

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