Banned Books Week – 30 Years of Liberating Literature

We’re nearing the end of Banned Books Week, but it’s never too late to speak up for the freedom and right to read. So get on the “banned” wagon while there’s still time.

I’ve included a few websites I found to be useful and informative.

Timeline: 30 Years of Liberating Literature

Banned Books Week Virtual Read-Out!

Banned and/or Challenged Books from the Radcliffe Publishing Course Top 100 Novels of the 20th Century

Frequently challenged Books of the 21st Century

A Family that Reads and Reviews Together

Judith Krug Fought Ban on Books

Banned Books Boards on Pinterest

Reading for Sanity:  A Book Review Blog:  Banned Books Week 2012

17 Banned Books You Read As A Child (or may have)

Pictured are some children’s books that stand proudly in our library that have been banned or challenged. The reasons run the gamut, including nudity, profanity, sexual situations, inappropriate, frightening, animals that use human language, racially offensive, unruly behavior, magic and witchcraft, lewd and twisted, violent, and sexually explicit language.

Celebrate Banned Books Week and the freedom and right to read. Read a banned/challenged book today!

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