Blissfully Crazy

Today is our wedding anniversary. I remember when Tom called to ask me out on our first date.

“Tom who?” I asked.

“We met at a party in your building about two months ago.”

“It took you a while to call,” I said.

“It took me that long to get to the S” section of my little black address book,” was his reply. (Stefanec is my maiden name.)

I secretly smiled and thought this guy is bold. Since I wasn’t doing anything, I agreed to go out with him and see what he was really like. As they say, the rest is history.

It’s been thirty-six blissfully crazy years. We’ve stopped doing an all-out celebration on our anniversary. We’ve even stopped buying each other cards. What do you do with the card after it sits around on the fireplace mantel for a few days? You feel bad throwing it away so you keep it in a drawer somewhere.

We came up with a solution to card-buying on birthdays and anniversaries. We go to a card store and browse. We choose our favorite card and exchange it with one another. After reading it, we return the cards to their rightful places. We’re saving money and trees. We’re being green and not spending any green!

This year’s card exchange is different. While cleaning out the basement – a never-ending job – I found some old anniversary cards. Perfect choices right at our fingertips!

Notice the little card at the bottom of the picture. That came with a dozen roses on our twelfth anniversary. If Tom is as intelligent and romantic as I know he is, I’m thinking he should chose that card and include some roses with it. Three dozen roses is a perfect number for thirty-six years. Hey, think of all the money we’ve saved over the years by not buying cards. I’m worth it!

This evening we’ll be enjoying a quiet dinner at home and rereading old anniversary cards. Hopefully the aroma of my beautiful anniversary roses won’t be too distracting!

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