From Sport Panties to Thongs

We’ve come a long way, baby! Can you imagine wearing the “fine white cotton pantie” under slacks and with play clothes?”

Definitely not sexy according to today’s standards.

Look at that Barbie doll waist on the sketch of the flannel slacks and white shirt! No way would those sport panties fit nicely under those slacks without revealing a bulky panty line.

Maybe the elastic sport girdle is the answer. According to the add, it’s for the “young figure.” I guess if you have an old figure you’re out of luck. Go figure!

Fashions come and go. Sometimes they even make a comeback. (These fashion disasters reappeared in a box of old love letters from my parents and grandparents. Hmmm … I wonder what that signifies.)

It looks like yesterday’s girdles have morphed into today’s body shapers. Thank goodness the “sport pantie” is a thing of the past and underwear has become smooth and sexy. Thank you, Victoria’s Secret.

It’s interesting to take a peek into the past and see how fashions have evolved. One thing is for sure. Over the years, lingerie has gotten smaller, but the prices have gotten bigger!

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One Comment on “From Sport Panties to Thongs”

  1. niealaii Says:

    Haha very true!!! Ive decided to follow your blog 🙂 Maybe you’d like to follow mine? Happy Tuesday!!

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