Nobody Likes This

A week ago, the CCBC had their semi-annual book sale. It’s a time to purchase a variety of hardcover books for my school library. This event is like having Santa Claus come more than once a year!

Yesterday I sat in my comfy reading chair and thought, this is the life! By my side were 68 picture books, waiting for me to read. Sixty-eight delightful hardcover pictures books that cost three dollars apiece. Three dollars! Imagine that. Thank you CCBC. I’ll be your friend forever!

One picture book I was particularly taken with was Nobody written by Liz Rosenberg and illustrated by Julie Downing (A Neal Porter Book, Roaring Book Press, 2010).

This is a story of a young boy, George, who has an imaginary friend called Nobody. Early in the morning, Nobody convinces George to make a feast for breakfast. In their quest to create a delicious meal, Nobody and George create a kitchen mess. When George’s mother and father see the mess, they take it in stride. (They are better parents than I am!) George and his mother decide to make pancakes together, and that’s when Nobody feels left out and begins to shrink. George realizes how lonely he would be without Nobody. He confesses to his mother that Nobody helped him make the mess and Nobody makes better pancakes than he does. When Nobody hears those words, he begins to grow back to his normal size, and George and Nobody enjoy pancakes together.

The illustrator used soft colors combined with eye-catching ones. Shades of gray are used to distinguish Nobody from George and his mother and father. The breakfast mess is sure to make children laugh. Although the illustrations are delightful, I’m a word person. I love the written story. The text is imaginative and filled with clever wordplay that is funny for both children and adults.

Nobody likes this book more than I do!

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