“Rash” Wednesday

Wednesday morning another teacher and I were on bus duty in the cafeteria, supervising students as they arrived at school. With smiles on our faces, we greeted students with a bright, “Good morning!” Some students responded with the same, others grunted, and some walked by with no acknowledgement.

Then a preschooler arrived, greeting us with a beaming smile. From this cherub’s mouth came these words. “It’s Rash Wednesday!”

Of course, he was referring to the first day of Lent observed by many Christians. But I thought having a “Rash” Wednesday sounded like a good idea. So I took advantage of it and made some rash decisions.

I stopped the next student who walked by without greeting us. We looked him in the face and greeted him again. We waited patiently for his response. Okay, his good morning was half-hearted, but he did greet us.

I cranked open the only window in the library to let the fresh air in and the stale air out. When my library student’s complained it was cold, I told them to chill.

I choose not eat the unappetizing lunch I had made for myself, and I bought a sandwich from Subway. Yum!

I gobbled down a homemade chocolate chip cookie given to me by birthday boy, Charles. Double yum!

I went with my gut feeling and asked for a change in our Read Across America activities. Librarians know best.

At the end of the day, I looked at the clock and slipped out the door ten minutes early. Free at last!

I love “Rash” Wednesdays!

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