Library Spills and Brook Parts

Sometimes the tongue and brain don’t always cooperate, and things spill out of our mouths that don’t make sense. It can happen to anyone.

Take the answer given to me by a second grade student when I asked him to name the part of a book that has a list of the chapters. With a bit of thought, he answered, “table of conscience.” I gave him a smile and thumbs up for a good try.

After class, I got to thinking. What if there was a book with a table of conscience? Instead of being faced with the prospect of feeling stressed or guilty about a choice we have to make, we could refer to the book.

Suppose you’re on a diet and you’ll totally die if you don’t have a tiny piece of cake. In the Table of Conscience Book, turn to the chapter called “Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too” for advice. Or what if your friend wants to fix you up with her cousin who has a “nice smile?” What do you do? Go to the chapter called “In the Eye of the Beholder” for help. And what about that to-do list you don’t want to do because you’d rather watch the football game? Go to the “Hail Mary Pass” chapter for the answer to this conundrum. Is that little white lie you’re about to tell right or wrong? Check out the chapter on “Swear to Tell the Truth.” It will tell you nothing but the truth. 

With a slip of the tongue, I think that young student is onto something. The Table of Conscience Book could be the answer to all our worries.

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