Everything Christmas

I love Christmas. I love everything about it – the smell, the touch, the taste, the sounds, the pageantry. On Thanksgiving evening, the outside Christmas lights at our house are switched on, and the Christmas season begins. Inside, we unpack the artificial tree and begin the process of transforming our house into everything Christmas. Yes, we have an artificial tree. In fact, we have several artificial trees, but we always have a real one, too. It’s the smell. There’s nothing like the smell of a live tree! A real tree is a must have no matter how big or how small.

After dishes were done on Thanksgiving, my daughter snapped into a Christmas decorating taskmaster. All I wanted to do was sit and relax, but she had us on our feet, putting up Christmas.  Before we began to decorate, there were things that had to be removed in order to make room. This little ritual drives my husband crazy. A few years ago when Christmas storage became tight, I promised him I wouldn’t add one more thing to our Christmas boxes. I stayed true to my promise until we sold my parents’ house this year. Some nostalgic Christmas pieces magically appeared in our collection.

It’s always a challenge to remember where to place our Christmas treasures each year. My very creative daughter solved the problem by giving me the best birthday present ever! Last Christmas she took pictures of the entire house – upstairs, downstairs, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even the doll house we decorate! With the help of Kodak Gallery and her pictures, she put together a book called, How the Ho Ho HOgrens Do Christmas. This year when we couldn’t remember where to put something, the answer book was right at hand!

As of last Sunday, the house was fully decorated. Okay, I did move a few things around. It’s my nature. Get that camera out! Now it’s on to shopping, baking, and writing Christmas cards. Thank goodness Christmas comes only once a year!

“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” ─ Roy L. Smith

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