Choosing Your Author Name

An author’s name is important. You want your readers to connect your name to your writing. It’s part of creating your brand. There are many things to think about when you choose how you want your name to appear on your work.

Do you want to use your given name? Do you want to use a nickname? If you’re a female and married, do you want to include your maiden name? Do you want to disguise your gender by using initials instead of a first and middle name? Or how about a nom de plume?

It wasn’t hard for me to decide how I wanted my name to appear in print. Lots of people knew me only by my maiden name. Others knew me only by my married name. I’m proud of both names, and I’m also proud of being published. So I chose to use my maiden name and married name.

Recently, I was contacted through my author website by a long lost friend who recognized my first name and maiden name on one of my books that was being returned to a library. This person googled my name, found my website, determined I was the right person, and contacted me. If I had chosen not include my maiden name, I would not have had the delightful experience of reconnecting with a very special person.

When it comes to choosing the name you want to be connected with your writing, choose carefully and choose wisely.

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