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Words are everywhere. What would we do without them? It would surely be a dull and silent world. On Friday, I wrote about outdated words and phrases from Nancy Drew Mystery Stories and Dana Girls Mystery Stories, which got me thinking about words and expressions people use.

Things that pop out of people’s mouths are sometimes priceless and sometimes need to be filtered. Whatever the case, certain words and expressions can be music to a writer’s ears.

When I was growing up, if I said something my mom and dad thought was pure nonsense, my mom would exclaim, “Oh piffle!” On the other hand, my dad would be saying “Hold the phone! Hold the phone!” And when my grandmother, who came to America from Slovakia and spoke mostly Slovak, was searching for the correct English word, she’d look at us and say, “How call it?”

Through our lives we are exposed to lots of different words and expressions. Some are memorable – some not so much. Just off the top of my head, I came up with these words and expressions I’ve heard over the years. Here are some that use body parts – talk to the hand, I’m all ears, one leg up on you. Here are some one-word expressions – sweet, bummer, jeepers, groovy, cool, dude, neat-o, awesome, NOT, rad, daddy-o, chill, heavy, weirdo, and square. Still more – wicked cool, holy cow, wack job, right on, shut up, far out, not tonight, gag me with a spoon, it’s all copasetic, and shut the door.

Words and expressions come and go, but some leave lasting impressions. If you love language and are a writer, some of these priceless sayings just might find a place in your writing.

It’s time to put up or shut up on this subject, but I bet you can add to this list if you try.

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