Free at Last!

Victor Hugo may have been right when he said, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” I’ll bet at this time of year there are quite a few students that would say, “He who opens a school door, steps into a prison!”

Yesterday was the last day of school. No more teachers! No more books!   The “prison inmates” were released for the summer, and the “prison guards” breathed a sigh of relief. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is the happiest – teachers or students.

The last day of school is always a bittersweet day. For me, the end of the school year means I’ll miss the teachers who retire, I’ll miss the students who move on to other schools, and, for just a few moments, I’ll miss those students who challenge my ability to maintain patience while they try my patience.  

Let us bow our heads in memory of the last day of school.

The morning of the big day.

After lunch, looking like a pizza food fight had ensued!

Then end of the day.

The book covers are covered in the library.

 The cafeteria is empty.

The halls are silent.

Classrooms are shut down for a few months, and the electricity of young learners surging through the school is gone…



And I’m gone too. Oh, the rapture of it all!

Celebrate Summer:  READ! READ! READ!

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