Tuesday Was A Dinger!

Who would have thought words like ball game and baseball could cause such a buzz? Well, that’s exactly what happened when I posted my blog Tuesday morning. For some reason those simple words set the ball in motion. They caught someone’s eye and my blog was posted on WordPress. com’s “Freshly Pressed” page. It was a home run miracle for me. My site stats rose faster than a disgruntled fan’s temper!

Since I started writing my blog, I’ve challenged myself to create interesting posts every Tuesday and Friday because I’m always looking for ways to hook new readers. Then on Tuesday, out of the blue, a curve ball was thrown at me which sent me into a blog game tizzy.

Suddenly there were tons of people reading my blog and posting comments. I’m not crying foul here. You’ll find no complaints from me. It was fun reading what people had to say and finding out there are many, like me, who consider baseball boring, but I also heard from those diehards who love baseball above all else.

One of my favorite comments was from a voracious Red Sox fan that began, “Dear God, your blasphemous mouth, rejecting box seats at Fenway…” I may not love baseball, but I love people who are passionate about what life offers them. So thanks “Freshly Pressed” for putting my blog out there. It’s been fun.

I hear there’s a Red Sox/Yankee’s game tonight, but you won’t catch me watching it. Maybe I’ll read about it in the newspaper tomorrow. Okay, that’s a bunch of bull from the bullpen!

Has anyone heard of this team?

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One Comment on “Tuesday Was A Dinger!”

  1. chunter Says:

    Yeah, I remember the Cubs and Wrigley Field… I couldn’t see a thing from my standing space and the whole decor made me think I was at a horse track.

    I’ve been to Fenway Park too, it was a murky day in April, I sat behind home plate and paid almost nothing for the seat on account of the weather and the poor competition. Despite the quality of play it was a much better experience. 😉 (There were no seats on the “Green Monster” yet.)

    Congratulations on FP, you never know when something you say/write will get somebody’s attention.

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