Don’t Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The season is upon us. I’m talking about the baseball season. It’s considered one of America’s greatest pastimes. There’s baseball on television, baseball on the radio, baseball in the news.  As fans sing, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” my thoughts are no way, get me out of here, anything but baseball.

Don’t get me wrong. I like sports, but baseball produces an all-time low for me. I don’t want anything to do with it. I’ve tried to figure out what in my past caused me to dislike baseball with such a passion. This is what I discovered.

Strike one:  When I was in second grade, my dad took my brother and me to major league baseball game in Milwaukee. My dad and brother yelled and cheered. We all ate peanuts. I had no clue as to what was going on in the game so I kept myself busy by eating peanuts – lots of peanuts. I threw up!

Strike two:  I didn’t go to another major league baseball game until my dad offered to take my husband and me to a game in Milwaukee. It was a night game. I didn’t eat peanuts, and the game didn’t end at the ninth inning. It went on and on. I was bored. I was tired. We finally left at the 12th inning. It was way too late for me!

And that’s another thing. The baseball season is too long. It begins in April and ends in October with the World Series. Seven months of baseball. I could almost have a baby in that time!!! (Well, maybe not any more…)

Strike three:  In recent years, the company my husband worked for gave him the opportunity to entertain members of his department in their private box at Fenway Park. Now who would say no to seeing the famous Green Monster from a private box? I would. Why not a box at the opera instead? For my husband’s sake, I went. I tried to get into the game, but even the luxury of the private box did nothing for me. I’ve often said I’d rather listen to golf being broadcast on the radio than go to a baseball game! I’m just not a fan. Strike three and I’m out!

For those of you who are ardent baseball fans, here are some books for all ages to enjoy.

Picture Books:

Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Jack Norworth (Imagine, 2011), Bats at the Ballgame by Brian Lies (Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2010), Players in Pigtails by Shana Corey (Scholastic Press, 2003)

Picture Book Biographies:

She Loved Baseball:  The Effa Manley Story by Audrey Vernick (Collins, 2010), Home Run:  The Story of Babe Ruth by Robert Burleigh (Sandpiper, 2003)


Ballpark:  The Story of  America’s Baseball Fields by Lynn Curlee (Atheneum, 2008), We Are the Ship:  The Story of Negro League Baseball by Kadir Nelson (Jump the Sun, 2008)

Also check out Middle-Grade Baseball Series by authors Matt Christopher, Dan Gutman, and Mike Lupica

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51 Comments on “Don’t Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

  1. Hunter Says:

    Awesome. Being Australian, I don’t see the attraction with vaseball either. Have you considered cricket? Five day matches in the baking sun, while compelling, also has its drawbacks.

    Soccer is a dead loss for me. It’s proof that the majority can be wrong.


  2. Yep, baseball does tend to drag on and on….


  3. My husband and I were walking by our neighbourhood park yesterday and there were a lot of (kids) baseball gmaes going on. I said to my husband, “I really don’t get baseball. It seems a bit slow.” However, just seeing all the little kids so into the game, in their adorable little uniforms and holding equipment that seemed a bit too big for them, was enough to keep me rooted for about 10 minutes at that baseball diamond! 🙂


  4. Lakia Gordon Says:

    I’m not really a baseball fan, but I do keep up with the Yankees 🙂 ohhh yeah!


  5. Lindsay Says:

    Good grief, girl! I love baseball so I can’t say I agree. But if you think the baseball season is long, how about hockey?! It is STILL going on and here we are and it’s almost mid-May! Now THAT is a boring sport. I guess I was raised to love baseball and that has stuck with me.

    If you don’t like watching – what about playing? I find “playing catch” to be quite therapeutic!


  6. For some reason this is one of my favorites to watch. My grandpa and father loved watching the sport, and I played softball for many years. I think it’s the connection it brings to the family. Great post!


  7. Dacia Says:

    Although I have a differing opinion of baseball I still enjoyed your post. Congrats on FP!


  8. Oh, I could completely concentrate on the fabulousness of a private box at Fenway Park and ignore the game…lol! I am not into baseball as a game as such- but I love going to ball games for the atmosphere… it’s a whole “summer is here” thing… the hot dogs…the beer…lol….


  9. metaphase Says:

    Dear God, your blaphemous mouth, rejecting box seats at Fenway. We are voracious Red Sox fans, now living away from Boston. We get the MLB package on our tv so we can watch those games for 7 months! (yeah, baby!)
    Well, your dad tried to raise you right. I’m hoping one day you’ll see that light.
    I’m kidding. (well, sort of.) congrats of FP.


  10. the tune’s good though!


  11. Not everyone is a baseball fan.


  12. I was nuts about baseball when I was a kid — I wanted to be a major league player and had no idea there was no such thing as a major league for women — but as an adult I find it pretty boring. I think I lucked out as a kid because I rarely saw major league games on TV, and mostly went to see the minor-league team we had in the nearest city. Minor-league games are much more exciting, IMO…. but I find all of them pretty boring now. Which is ironic because I love watching curling, arguably one of the most boring events ever created. 😀


  13. photomonica Says:

    I’m definitely with you on this one! My fiance is obsessed and has bought season tickets…I’ve been to one game. Now, our son plays t-ball and I’m more of a fan, but I’m glad its only 5 innings and I can get on with the rest of my day!


  14. RoyCoup Says:

    As Whitman once said: The game of base is glorious. But I realize it’s not for everyone. You explain your disdain for the game in calculated, well- thought out, logical terms, however. They are as follows: yuck, boring, whatever.


  15. mcreek Says:

    My thinking has always been that they are usually all so good that the action in baseball is limited. I played softball my whole life and still do in my late 20s, but that’s different. I’ve never gotten into pro baseball… I’m a football fan myself. Thanks for the interesting and fun post.



  16. ournote2self Says:

    I agree with you 100%. Baseball is definitely one of the most boring sports out there. Nothing eventful ever happens! When I do give in and go to a game, it’s purely for junk food and people watching purposes.


  17. gothichydran126 Says:

    Your not alone in that. I could never get into a baseball game. My sister’s into all of the big sports right now but not me. I’m mostly into Soccer and Rugby. Personally if it were me who was invited to a company outing in a sky box I would either skip it or bring two very long books to read while eating some free food.


  18. I completely agree! Baseball is awful. Though my distain for the game comes from years of being forced to play in little league when all I wanted was to play soccer instead.

    The game is boring. You sit on the bench and WAIT for your turn to bat. Then you stand on the bases and WAIT for your turn to run. Then you stand in the field and WAIT for the ball to be hit to you. Boring.

    I can handle going to a game, because there is a lot more going on in the ball park than just baseball – it’s a great place for people watching. But Baseball on TV? The radio? Uh.


  19. keepitrio Says:

    May I suggest drinking beer and people watching? Passionate baseball fans are hilarious to observe. Trust me, I’m not into the sport at all, but was dragged to three major league games last summer with my brother. I just sat sipping my beer pondering what possessed the woman in front of me to purchase a pair of red sox earrings… I know it’s not the most eloquent of sports, but seriously?


  20. I could never get excited about baseball….too long between the action times! Great post~A perfect pick for Freshly Pressed!


  21. Julie Says:

    Baseball is the greatest game ever invented. I’m sorry you are unable to appreciate it. Not everyone does, but that doesn’t make it any less of a shame.


  22. Eva McCane Says:

    i enjoy the beer, hotdogs, and people more than the actual game.


  23. I have never watched one, and on the TV they are kind of boring (I don’t have any favorite teams, or anything). The only time I have anything to do with baseball is playing it on the computer! Now, that’s fun.


  24. mammothideas Says:

    I’m in Portland OR, USA. And our lovely city just did away with AAA baseball in favor of a major league soccer team – the Portland Timbers. I will miss going to the stadium and sitting there for a couple of hours on a nice summer afternoon. I’ll miss the time I would have spent with my son at the games. We used to talk and chat and just pass the time. You can’t do that at a soccer game….you’re too busy looking around to ensure you don’t get pummeled or hit with some crazy horn or trampled by a mob of drunk “pseudo-Euro” crazies. Sad really….


  25. anonnickus Says:

    Baseball goes beyond being a game. It is also a lifestyle. For those that don’t live it there will always be something else. You certainly get the part about the three strikes which is more than some. Good work.


  26. #5 Says:

    Watching paint dry is more exciting than watching a baseball game. I love sports, but baseball, while fun to play, is borrrrrrring to watch.


  27. carloscollazo06 Says:

    I understand why people don’t like to watch baseball as much as other sports, its obvious. It is a slow paced game. But people do not give it enough credit because it requires more ‘skill’ to play than most other sports. I will give hockey a slight edge though.


  28. Baseball is the greatest game ever invented.


  29. Jimmy Says:

    It’s the combination of nostalgia and the faint smell of sweat thar does it for me. It’s family and cotton candy, dads, daughters, and dogs. If you have to ask, it’s already too late.


  30. Lindsay Says:

    I enjoy the games – but no more than one every year or two, ha. But I agree the season is much, much too long. Who can pay attention to that many games for that long?


  31. chunter Says:

    The only pro sport that doesn’t have a way long season is pointy football.

    Prior to “I could almost have a baby in that time,” the best line I’d heard to suggest a sport’s season is too long was a hockey song’s “Maybe we should play in winter!” (The Stanley Cup and NBA Finals often wrap in June.)

    Baseball was my first introduction to being a spectator at a pro sports event, and it has since led to (what I think are) better things; but the important thing (which I think you already recognize) is that you can’t make yourself like something that you are not inclined to like, no matter how hard you try. Good for you for spending the night with your husband anyway, I hope you got to have fun doing other stuff around Boston too.

    Best wishes


  32. dreamxingdong Says:

    the tune’s good though!

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  33. Was the food at least worth the time invested?

    Kaukab’s daughter


  34. I want to add another baseball book to your list: Moneyball: the Art of Winning an Unfair Game, by Michael M. Lewis. I am not a sports fan, but I found this book fascinating.


  35. Interesting character development. Would make grand flashback scenes in a novel or movie concerning a woman and her failed relationship with her boyfriend, or better yet, a woman who clubs her husband with a baseball bat while he is watching a Red Sox game with his feet up on the coffee table when he is supposed to be cutting the lawn or getting ready to go shopping with her.


  36. Soy Latte Says:

    Hah! Your disinterest in baseball is dwarfed by my utter disdain for the game. There are sooooo many things I’d rather be doing than watching millionaires stand around in pajamas and spit revolting slimy tobacco whenever the urge strikes them. Like having a Pap smear. At least that’s over with fairly quickly. Baseball is boring, pointless, and ridiculously looooong! Also, I have family members whose obsession with the stuff basically renders them unavailable for long periods of time. (Even my mother, one of the aforementioned obsessed, repeats a quote by some sportscaster who essentially said, “Baseball is 35 seconds of action jam-packed into four hours.”)

    Rawr! Thanks for letting me vent!


  37. ripkingdome Says:

    well, they say its the thinking man’s sport, so… I guess not every one is a thinker 😉


  38. Never been to a baseball game, but I like that you even share relevant resources at the end of the post for the curious, etc. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  39. Audrey Vernick Says:

    As a Yankee fan, I’m glad your current rejection of the sport of baseball focuses on rejecting the Red Sox. Well played.

    I love baseball (and I wrote She Loved Baseball–thanks for the mention above!) but the thought of having to sit through a sport I don’t love–hockey, football–is enough for me to get where you’re coming from.

    Though I must say, I vomited at a Harlem Globetrotters game as a child, and it didn’t turn me off the world off…comedic/athletic basketball.


  40. Emjayandthem Says:

    Well written post! I love baseball because it IS slow – slow enough that I can take a break, talk to the hubbs etc.

    But I’d rather stick a pin in my eye than suffer through soccer or the snoozefest of golf.

    Thanks for rant 🙂 Cheers, MJ


  41. gaycarboys Says:

    Amazing. Baseball hardly rates a mention in OZ I don’t even think there are any teams!


  42. Sean Breslin Says:

    Now, the season starts in March and ends in November…that can’t make you want to be a baseball fan any more than you already don’t! Baseball is a very polarizing sport for people — either you love the atmosphere of being at the ballpark or you don’t.


  43. ashleyrust18 Says:

    I love baseball and my favorite team is the detroit tigers. but sometimes baseball gets kind of boring to me. but overall its alot of fun to watch.


  44. Okay, I like baseball. But here’s the thing. Every season, I somehow manage to throw up in exactly two of the gazillion games I watch. Whether I’m watching on TV or live, I somehow will manage to throw up.
    Totally weird.
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!


  45. gmomj Says:

    I just went to an Orioles game. The field was gorgeous. The beer cold and good!
    We all pigged out on the fries and cheered liked maniacs.
    We bought a mini-baseball bat for little boy Hoo.
    We made it to the second inning before I was ready to die of boredom.
    Baseball in theory is great the reality is simply awful.


  46. Major League Shortstop Says:

    I’m willing to bet that the author is one of those who goes into a card shop with her husband on their anniversary to get each other a nice anniversary card. Instead, they each find their favorite card, trade cards with each other, read them, put them back on the shelf, and then walk out – just no appreciation for the finer things in life:-).


  47. You do have to look into the game in order to enjoy it. Simply watching ball and strikes gets very repetitive.


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