Thoughts on a Road Trip

We just got back from Florida after bumping along 1400 miles of roads in a Budget rental truck filled with family furniture and mementoes. We emptied my parents’ house of its contents, and it’s now ready to sell. There were tears as we closed the door for the last time, but I’ve learned a few things along the way.  

Parents don’t have to keep every card, letter, art project, picture, report card, toy, and clothing that belonged to their child. It is difficult enough when your parents pass away, and when the child has to go through all the belongings that have been left behind, it’s an overwhelming task.  

One of the most important things I’ve learned is: THOU SHALT NOT HOARD!

Here are a few other thoughts about Florida and our trip home.

Florida is hot! I will not be moving there anytime soon.

It’s a long drive between Florida and Wisconsin.

Clean restrooms are a luxury.

I’d rather fly than drive the distance.

After ten hours of driving, the sign for the whiskey distillery sounded like a great side trip.

Gas is expensive.

“GPS Madge” got very confused as we tried to avoid major accidents and roadwork.

An old fashioned map is a very handy thing to have.

Indiana is boring.

I’d rather fly than drive the distance.

Our roads are in desperate need of repair.

I’d rather fly than drive the distance.

We are home. The Budget truck is emptied and returned. I’m looking at the stacks of boxes and furniture in our garage – things I brought home from my parents’ house. What was it I said was the most important thing I’ve learned?


I’ve become my parents!!!

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