National Potato Chip Day

George Crum is my kind of man. His invention has satisfied young and old alike. What he did for the world makes my taste buds jump for joy! So who is this Crum guy? This magnificent man created the snack I adore, the snack I’m addicted to, the snack that makes me a happy chomper. Yes, George Crum is the inventor of the potato chip!

In 1853, George Crum was a chef at a chic resort in Saratoga Springs, New York. When a fussy diner was dissatisfied with the thick-cut French fries Crum had prepared, Crum decided to slice a potato into thin pieces and fry the pieces to a crisp finish so the diner wouldn’t be able to use his fork to pick them up. His little trick backfired, but in a good way. The result was a new item on the menu called the Saratoga Chip – now known as the potato chip.

Yesterday was National Potato Chip Day. It was the best excuse ever to bite into a good chip off the old potato! I headed to the grocery store and steered my cart to the snack aisle – no stopping along the way. I grabbed a bag of my favorite chips. Then it occurred to me why stop there? It was National Potato Chip Day – a day to celebrate without guilt. A taste test was in order. I added more bags of chips to my cart, threw in a few essential items, checked out, and raced home, drooling along the way.  

I thank you, George Crum. You have added crunch to my lunch, savor to my flavor, and salt to my tears of joy! YUM!!

I’ve chosen my favorite chip. What’s yours?

George Crum and the Saratoga Chip written by Gaylia Taylor and illustrated by Frank Morrison (Lee & Low Books, 2006)

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2 Comments on “National Potato Chip Day”

  1. My favorite brand is Utz, which I don’t believe are available here in Wisconsin. I now buy potato chips only in single-serving bags because I have no self-control.


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