A Heartfelt Win

What can I say? I was born in Wisconsin, and there are certain things you never forget – even if you move away. Yes, I’m talking about being a Packer fan – a Cheesehead. My dad taught me that once you’re a fan you’re always a fan. So on Super Bowl Sunday, I was decked out in my Packer gear. I had my lucky Packer items on hand, and we had enough food, drinks, and green and gold plates and napkins to last through the entire game and longer. I cheered. I waved my yellow scarf. (No yellow towel available.) I sat down. I stood up. I paced. I gritted my teeth. I muttered things under my breath, and I yelled – LOUD – for a big Packer win.

Whether the Packers won or lost, my dad was a life-long fan. He believed in his family and he believed in his team. He was always there for both of us. He was excited to see the Packers do well this season, and he was looking forward to cheering them on in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to see the Packers win. On January eighth, he passed away. So it was up to us, his family, to cheer the Packers on for a big win. And cheer we did – every family member. We did you proud, Dad, and so did the Packers!

(Somehow, I know the Packers had some very special inside help from up above.)   

Packer books for kids:

The Green Bay Packers (America’s Greatest Teams) by Sloan Macrae (Power Kids’ Press, January 2011), Green Bay Packers (Super Bowl Champions) by Aaron Frisch (Creative Education, January 2011), Green Bay Packers (Inside the NFL) by Rob Reischel (All Sports, 2010), Green Bay Packers 101 (101:  My First Team-Board-Book) by Brad Epstein (Michaelson Entertainment, 2010)

Packer books for adults:

That First Season:  How Vince Lombardi Took the Worst Team in the NFL and Set it on the Path to Glory by John Eisenberg (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009),  Green Bay Packers:  Yesterday & Today by Chuck Carlson (Westside Publishing, 2009), 100 Things Packer Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die by Rob Reischel (Triumph Books, 2010)

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