Sometimes Kids Are Like The Runaway Bunny

Snow is on the ground and it’s “brrrr-eezing” outside. It’s hard to believe that two weeks ago my husband and I were in Chicago with our daughter, enjoying a beautiful sunset from the Signature Lounge at the 96th in the John Hancock Center.


Our daughter is on her own and lives way too far away from us as far as her dad and I are concerned. Because of this, the times we spend together are all the more special. She reminds me of the bunny in Margaret Wise Brown’s, The Runaway Bunny. You know the one who keeps running away only to be found by his loving mother each time.

After graduating from high school, our daughter became a lacy snowflake and fell onto the ground of a school in the Midwest instead of a school in the Northeast where we lived at the time. Then we moved back to the Midwest, and she became a mighty steam engine and chugged off to graduate school in a neighboring state. Then she became a ray of California sunshine and beamed into the UCLA Medical Center for her externship and final year of school. With each move she made, we hugged her and loved her and hoped the next move would bring her closer to us.

Think again Mom and Dad! Unlike the bunny that finally chooses to stay at home with his mother, our daughter chose differently.  After graduation, she became a jet stream going from the west coast to east coast and landed a job in Boston. That little runaway bunny has worn us out hopping all over the U.S. We visit her and she visits us, but there is never enough time to hug her and love her the way we would like.

Someday we’ll change all that. When she’s least expecting it, she’ll come home from work and find that we’ve moved in with her! Ha!

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