“So many roads. So many detours. So many choices. So many mistakes.” – Sarah Jessica Parker

I was on my way home from school last week. I was hot. I was tired. I just wanted to be HOME.

I had six-tenths of a mile to go when I came to a road closed sign. How could this be? No one told me. I didn’t believe it so I drove around the sign for about two-tenths of a mile where I came to a standstill. BIG machines were digging up my road home. I couldn’t even get to any side roads to bypass the construction. Blood pressure up! Patience down!

I turned around. The detour took me four miles out of my way. My mouth could have used a detour to a more polite way of expressing myself.

Yes, I know. There are detours in every aspect of life.

Take writing, for instance. You’ve spent months working on a manuscript, revising and perfecting until you think you have a winner. You send it out only to have it returned with a rejection. Or you’ve finally signed a book contract, and all is going well until there is a downturn in the economy and your contract is cancelled. Or you need that one last amazing line that will pull your whole book together, but it just won’t come.   

Detour signs go up, but if we look around, we can always find a roundabout way to continue on our course of action. Good luck finding the right detour.

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