A Hunting We Will Go

“Words are often seen hunting for an idea, but ideas are never seen hunting for words.” — Josh Billings

Before school began this year, our principal arranged a special daylong retreat for new and returning staff. It was a chance for us to bond and create a solid school family. Our destination was a hunting lodge in the country. Say it isn’t so!

We met at the crack of dawn at school and carpooled to the wilderness. Through dense fog, winding roads, and detours, we finally made it to our destination.  

Ah, wilderness!

Since the only hunting I’m accustomed to is hunting for my keys when I misplace them, a trip to the lodge was an eye-opening experience.

Oh, deer!

From the moment we walked into the lodge, prying eyes followed us. Every room sported animal heads mounted on walls or displayed on tables. (I guess that’s why they call it a hunting lodge.) My creativity was sparked. As I saw it, the lodge offered something special for all of us teachers.

  For those of us hunting for coffee, there was the Caribou Coffee Room.


For those artistic teachers, there was the Georgia O’Keeffe Room.


For the seasoned teachers who wished to meditate with their eyes closed, there was the Old Goat’s Room.


And for the newbies, there was the Oh, Deer Oh, Deer, I Have So Much to Do Yet Room.

The retreat was a success – animal heads and all. Our school family returned from the hunting lodge rejuvenated.

We’ve been in school for three days – three very long and warm days. I’m ready to retreat to the wilderness and to the Old Goat’s Room to do some serious meditating!

Hunt for this:  We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen (Margaret K. McElderry; Anv edition (September 8, 2009)

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