Wish Me a Rainbow

“And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.” ─ Gilbert K. Chesterton

Some people are storm watchers. Some people are tornado chasers. I am a rainbow stalker. I’m not a fan of thunderstorms, but the potential prize that may appear in the aftermath of a storm is worth the wait.

As soon as I see a ray of sunshine after a rain shower, I’m out there searching the sky, waiting for nature’s colorful creation. For me, rainbows are a sign of luck. Once I spot one, I get to make a wish, and if it’s a double rainbow, I’m a Lucky Lady times two.

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz got me hooked on rainbows. I was sure if I wished hard enough, I could fly over the rainbow and end up in a wondrous land. Now that I’m older, I know that’s not going to happen, but it doesn’t stop me from stalking rainbows and making wishes. 

Last Saturday was a double rainbow day! I heard a neighbor say to his son, “Let’s go look for the end and see if there’s a pot of gold.” I like that man!

Rainbows may not have a pot of gold at the end, but for me, rainbows are wishes painted across the sky. So wish me a rainbow, and I’ll wish you one, too!

Check this out:  Over the Rainbow performed by Judy Collins (Peter Yarrow Books, An Imprint of Charlesbridge Har/Com edition, March 2010)

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6 Comments on “Wish Me a Rainbow”

  1. Have you ever seen an ‘upside down rainbow’? Apparently they are super rare, but I’ve seen two this past year! Are these less lucky because they are inverted, or are they more lucky because of their rarity? 😉


    • cathyso3 Says:

      I’d say an upside down rainbow is the luckiest of all! (Are you sure you weren’t standing on your head when you saw those rainbows? :))


      • For sure! I thought maybe I was imagining things until I searched ‘upside down rainbow’ on Google. They’re real!
        Now you have a new rainbow experience to look forward to… and they appear at different times than regular rainbows so you’ll have to look up much more often.


      • cathyso3 Says:

        Thanks for the info. I keep my head up in the clouds!


  2. Mary Says:

    Nice picture.


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