What Were They Thinking?

Sometime ago there was unfortunate tragedy in a nursing home where a resident was murdered. Law enforcement officials began their investigation by questioning workers and residents. The questioning of residents struck me as, well, questionable.

I have visited elderly family members in nursing homes and know that many of the residents are mentally residing someplace else. I can just imagine how an investigative interview would go.

Police Officer:  Ma’am, did you see or hear anything suspicious last night?

Ma’am:  Speak up, sonny, I can’t hear you.

Police Officer:  Did you see anything unusual last night?

Ma’am:  A bunch of old coots were playing choo-choo train with their wheelchairs. The train man was pushing them to the dining car.

Police Officer:  Anything else?

Ma’am:  I saw blood dripping from people’s mouths. Vampires!

Police Officer:  You saw blood?

Mr. Elderly:  That wasn’t blood. That was the red velvet cake people were eating.

Ma’am:  Go away! I was talking to… Who are you?

Police Officer to Mr. Elderly:  Did you hear anything strange last night?

Mr. Elderly:  Just crazy Adele. She was screaming as usual. There she goes again.


Police Officer:  Is there anyone around here who might know something?

Mr.Elderly:  There’s Ralph. He sees and hears everything, but he doesn’t talk.   

Police Officer to self:  Take me home, Mama!

For the sake of the family, I hope the case is solved, but I wouldn’t count too much on the eyewitness accounts from the residents.

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One Comment on “What Were They Thinking?”

  1. Mary Says:

    LOL And I know these events actually happened.

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