Lip Smacking Poems

Some school lunches are scrumptious, and some are just plain gross! From all the yummy words below, it appears the cooks in our school get two spatulas up for their school lunches.

Celebrate Poetry Friday by taking a bite out of these lip smacking poems by fourth and fifth grade students.

Jello                                                                              Pancakes

Squishy, jiggly                                                          Soft, soggy

Scooping, slurping, swallowing                         Dribbling, chewing, eating

Delicious, tasty, good time                                  I love my pancakes

Jello                                                                               Soggy                                                                        

                       ─ Gabby Coulthard                                             ─ Hannah Mrochek

Eggs and bacon, yum                                            Nachos, yummy good               

fried or scrambled, delicious                             the brown beef is spicy hot

breakfast, brunch, and lunch                             I am lost in it!

                        ─ Logan Collien                                                      ─ Thomas Robson

                                                  Steamy potatoes

                                                  Yes! They are a yummy lunch

                                                  Can I eat right now?

                                                                        — Cain Streight

Working hard before lunch. 


Alas, not all lunches pass the kid taste test. Those get dumped.

                                                  Chicken in gravy

                                                  Soggy, gross

                                                  Sniff, lick, spit

                                                  Worst lunch, disgusting, blah


          — Kylie Peters

Some favorite poetry books from our library:  Oh, No! Where Are My Pants? And Other Disasters: Poems by Lee Bennett Hopkins (HarperCollins, 2005), Please Bury Me in the Library by J. Patrick Lewis (Harcourt Children’s Books, 2005). Holiday Stew: A Kid’s Portion of Holiday and Seasonal Poems by Jenny Whitehead (Henry Holt & Co., 2007)

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